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3.25% APR

Conventional 5/1 ARM*

5 Reasons To Choose Mortgage Wholesalers:

We offer wholesale mortgage rates that are often lower compared to retail rates offered by major US banks.
Locking in a lower wholesale mortgage rate will lower your monthly mortgage payments which means you will have extra cash each month to spend on the things that matter to you most.
There is good debt and bad debt. When you lock in a fixed & low interest rate for a period of 30 years, this can be considered good debt if inflation rises above your interest rate. This means you can make $ by borrowing $.
We can pre-qualify you quickly, and send you a letter of pre-qualification within minutes upon approval.
Closing on time is critical to securing your deal which is why we offer some of the fastest processing in the mortgage industry. We are able to process loans within 30 days and will keep you updated during the underwriting process.

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